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Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM) is a formation in the virtual online environment Second Life (SL). AOM explores its interactive possibilities with avatars.

where do we meet?: meeting place in Second Life  

history of aom

AOM began to work and to play in march 2007.
We, at that time the avatars maxxo klaar, paco mariani, miulew takahe, dethomas dibou, bingo onomatopoeia and vit  latynina had been teeming up during december and january 2007 to make a live performance at the Pomodoro Bolzanos Art Birtday celebration on the 17th january. During this time we where discussing alot about future collaborative works combining music.
So we ended up at Dorkbot Second Life first meeting on the 19th february 2007. There we met maximillian nakamura that presented this meeting. We came to discuss about collaborative works and about gathering more avatars to perform pieces in orchestral format like possibilities to make a virtual Vicky Mosquitos in this new orchestral concept in SL and the Fadheit piece that maximillian introduced.
We started to form the idea of doing a Vickys Mosquitos #13 at the Art.Think.Box / Netherbeck of Pomodoro Bolzano. Harold Schellinx (aka hars hefferman) supported this idea to make a version of Vicky in SL. hars and his Ookoi compagnon Peter Mertens (aka frans peterman) was very involved in the rehearsals to make the premiere of Vicky´s Mosquitos #13 on the 14th march 2007 in a mixed reality context as Ookoi was invited at The Waag festival in Amsterdam on this date and we all thought it an interesting thing to play with this piece together with the green dressed real Ookoi members present in Amsterdam at same time as the green dressed avatars was playing in Second Life. bingo onomatopoeia was programming the aviophone for this piece (the instrument we played: see the glossary). vit latynina made the choreography. hars and frans made the green Ookoi dresses for AOM to wear. miulew takahe wrote the score and created samples and edited the Vicky voices in collaboration with hars. On the 14th of march was the premiere of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performing Vickys Mosquitos #13 for both inWorld avatar audience at and in real at The Waag festival in Amsterdam.