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Orchestral Investigations
project of Leif Inge
(aka gumnosophistai nurmi)
Orchestral Investigations of Second Life is a series of site-specific performances with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse within the virtual world of Second Life. All the various scenes and activities in Second Life provides a variety of contexts to play in and with This concert series aims to question Second Life as public space and at same time open up the orchestra for cooperations. These concerts can both be well planned in cooperation with the site and as a total surprice to both the venue and audience. The Orchestral Investigations are initated and curated by gumnosophistai.
Orchestral Investigations

The Heart of Tones
composer: Pauline Oliveros (aka free noyes)
The Heart of Tones for SL-RL
This piece was originally composed for trombone and two oscillators, and commissioned by Abbie Conant and her Wired Goddess Project during her residency at Mills College in the Fall of 1999. The premiere of the piece was done at Mills College. This is an ensemble version of the piece adapted for SL-RL.
A tone is minutely explored in the smallest possible increments on, above and below the prescribed pitch, through the smallest timbre variations and spatial locations by three or more instruments. The pitch variations are never more than a half step away from the given pitch. The resultant beats, timbral shifts and audio illusions create rhythms, transformations and textures of depth. That focuses on acoustic beating caused by tones that are played very close together. The focus is on listening to the beat frequencies and the overtones that result. The musicians decide independently and intuitively on the variations.
P.Oliveros website

composer: Nathalie Fougeras (aka ida aabye)
interactive performance & play with avatars
This project will use an interactive interface which i'll perform with my body in relation with avatars in SL including layers of views like image of my body, sounds, live video by digital compositing with SL avatars.
For sounds i will work with recorded voices of the members of AOM in order to write a sketch with samples and talks for a live mixing of this material during performance.
I'm working around ideas of loops and different textures of voices, I'm asking questions about textures and also speaks about this illusion of texture too...
Double_skin is divided in two steps of development:
- first step is to build a HUD with a scenario and play with this HUD
- second step is to elaborate an interactive performance with this HUD transformed thus with body and avatars

Stockhausen's Pleasuredome 4 Sirius Business
composer: Jeremy Owen Turner (aka wirxli flimflam)
Piece in progress to be performed in a geodesic dome together with an RL voice choir.